Monday, March 24, 2008

December 21 2012 preparation Surviving 2012

2012 Dec 21 2012 Prepare Now or never!
The well meant experts with a telescope and a pencil who Has never lived thru a MAJOR Earth's Wobble vs. Our Ancestors who did! ..........And... clear messages of the coming Dec 21 , 2012 Solar Systems Alignment.. all over Earth Major Set in STONE MIGHTY Warnings -- not of coming snowy winters --
---------- But the Dec 21, 2012 Solar Systems GRAVITATIONAL Alignment.
With HEAVY DEEP Lines showing circled in opposite directions a wobble in movement!
Well meant Experts all trying to out do one another?
Been there Ancestors with always their same exact dated message!
You decide - Who's Right? Your life depends on it!

Think about it? Why NO MAJOR WORLD ALERT WILL NEVER BE GIVEN ABOUT DECEMBER 21, 2012?  Within 24 hours all traffic in the WORLD ....WILL... come to a MASSIVE STAND STILL!
Then or if only 100th of 1% of the population attempted to or started moving inland to safety from Oceans coasts where 60% of all the population of the 6.7 or more PRESENT Billions are now living!

YES! The year of 2010...not 2012...the SUN Will wake UP! And, MASSIVE CME's
(Solar STORMS)  are going to CRASH all World Electrical GRIDS.. not just The INTERNET FOREVER with ensuing INSTANT MASSIVE PLANET WIDE CHAOS!
And... if you are one of those Bravado idiots who says "what ever will be will be?" Then you deserve the misery ... and it is going to be very, very bad!!!! ...but why those who you could have and should have helped? WHY?

There are enough emergencies coming at everyone today that the wise should always be locating supplies that can help you get through rough times when electricity and other shortages have you at bay or you and yours may be or are forced to stay outside... and NO ONE should be waiting for Dec 21, 2012... and those emergencies are coming and coming fast!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

2012 December 21, 2012 3 Sons and a Daughter For Chord of Wood!

The WORLD would come to a MASSIVE STAND STILL!
Should even 1% of the population attempted to start moving inland...........
YES!!! Panic would set in!!!..........

And... shortly in time... a chord of wood for cooking ...even...
FUEL WILL COST 3 Sons and a Daughter!

And... that is the lighter side of it all.............!!!

Those who NOW... at this time... prepare for SURVIVAL
and included in their plans a PARTNERSHIP with Mother Earth..
CAN LIVE A Great LIFE!        NO.. others will survive!

The Veiled Prophet

Friday, February 1, 2008

About 12 21 12 End of World December 21 2012

About 2012 info 12 21, 12 December 21, 2012 end of the
World Prophecy predictions info revelations unveiled
For you to decide your fate
Before the date of December 21, 2012

And... the opportunity for you...
To decide to accept prophecies referring to...
The end of the World on 12 21, 2012

Yes, here your will fine research information about
facts 12 21 12 info regarding
Your owns Soul's judgment of you!
Is what the info shared here is about...
You & Yours being prepared
Before... End of World December 21, 2012
For the Global cause of EARTH changing as we know it now
What only I have shared as the true 2012 PREDICTIONS
SEE: ►

Monday, August 27, 2007

About End of World 2012

About 2012 Facts 12 21 12

About 2012 Facts 12 21 12 All that will be left is your soul's judgment of you - their Bearer - and your treatment of them. Will you end up a soulless abomination after 2012 the end of the world? About 2012, about 12 21 12, about December 21 2012, 2012 facts.2012 See: 12 21 12 Facts A choice that only you can make of returning, with those you love, to a purified and wonderful Earth - Or - ending up soulless never to return to Earth nor see your loved ones again
Revelations unveiled: 12 21 12 Facts: An individual can, if not already, start by preparing for your companion's - meaning your soul's memories of remembrances - Déjà vu, of you - the physical (temporal) Host who has been the bearer of their companionship?

It begins December 21, 2012 as each individual will be judged by their own soul - who will determine whether or not their Bearer (you) is going to be able to retain your soul's companionship। NO! The soulless will never be allowed back on a purified Earth। About 2012, Moreover, the Soulless - will never be allowed the company of any loved ones, again!
The judgment, 2012 Facts about 12 21 1212 21 12 Facts: After the end of the world, as it is now known, how one has shown respect for their soul and those of others will determine whether they are allowed to return to a purified Earth। And have, along with loved ones, the right to eternal life. Or, failing your soul, and thus becoming soulless - spending immortality as a part of the violent screaming hordes flowing forever in the

River Nothingness. December 21, 2012 approaches quickly as does the twilights dawning of the final judgment। Each individual will meet their past in the future and quickly remember, something already known but just might have forgotten, that all souls came to their bearer as the gift of life।
Revelations Unveiled: That soul, yours, all souls, came in complete sinless innocents with the hopes that their host, the bearer, they chose would lovingly protect them from self anger, ill conniving, sleaze and immoral acts।

Revelations unveiled of December 21, 2012 - There will be a wide open book of and about each and every single individual who has ever received a soul। Moreover, all will see, from this open book, how each individual treated their soul and respected them self।
Facts: You - me - all: Every single individual that has ever lived will be there to see and to listen as any and all things you have not corrected for the better self, all souls and the hosts of Heaven will know the real you! They will witness how you treated and respected, the companionship of the sinless - gift of life - the innocent soul - you were graced with। As now that soul, those same sweet innocent souls will be the judge and jury of whether they want to stay with those that have hosted them। We, the bearers, have no say or vote।
2012 Note: Should the soul in all its innocents choose to move on preferring to join with another host of choice 12 21 12 then the past host becomes a soulless spirit memory of remembrances never to have or receive another soul।
Again, those soulless have no choice as they are forever known as an abomination। And, no innocent soul will ever be their companion, again।
Repeat it! Remember it! From the date of 12/21/ 12, the soulless have proven they are an abomination not worthy to bear, once again, an innocent sinless soul। These abomination are cursed, for immortality, to become a part of the mingling Hordes of the River Nothingness. Never again to know anything but their own violent memories of remembrances.

2012 Past, Present and Future Children - Their Births and Their Souls। 2012 The celestial and galactic tides of 2012 meets you face on, and the free agency once again given the soul, sets in progression a choice of a past or new bearer for the soul and or souls each individual will host। If they were, the soul, respected and treated with kindness? Then you, an emissary of tender humble kind loving decent morals, will succeed to a new level of companionship। A gift you are already aware of but just may have forgotten ↔Then your soul will share you with a wonderful new comprehension of eternal life with beauty beyond description.

2012 You will once again know your past loved ones - within a blink of an eye - and times of great jubilations। A fact: Those who've always treated sweet souls of others with kindness and those who've stood up for the freedom and rights to life of the innocent will never lose the companionship of their present soul. But, as a loving home - host and bearer - of kind and gracious morals may find others souls have chosen them as their spirit companion. And, should it be those other visiting souls, when given a chance, will move on and be known as children. Instead of just being an immortal soulless spirit - you will have and be a part of the moving of true life for all eternity.

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

2012 December 21, 2012 12/21/12 Facts End of The World


December 21, 2012 Mondern Calendar Time - real time our galaxy's solstice December 21, 2012 as you now know it - your world as is - will NO LONGER BE! If you were one of those who REFUSED to Innocently or on purpose prepare to SURVIVE our soul will be the only thing - again - as you know it that will survive.

Anyone old enough will and can understand that for the past 19 years the human beings, plant life, animal, waters physical bodies of even the insect and birds temporal life of mind of past and present are now coming together. Every living thing and even the smallest grain of sand have been feeling an ever so slight change.

You have seconds by years, then stretches of months then days have felt it not only in yourself but have felt it in the wind, through the depths of the Earth coming up through your feet and as you have and do sleep.

And without any doubt whatsoever you have watched it happen to those you are close too as well as having this feeling come to you from complete strangers. This changing of the times is leaving no one out. Some, at this time, are finding ways to blame it on nothing. And, nothing can stop their blame. Just like you - they are caught up in a very real and physical solar winds of constant pressures that are going to increase until all but the soul is left to wonder and wander. Is there the slightest things you can do to change the equations of what will determine how you end up and with whom? Yes, there is - but - I doubt you will care enough until it is much to late!

Your having not so strange returning of Déjà vu and enlightenment is running close to wild as you return again, and again to things you already know - and your memories of remembrances are looking forward to circumstances you know to be the truth and oh so real. And, it is real! You'd like to believe it is just and accident and soon will stop. No, no it will not. It is and will continue to grow as will it happen with all others.

It is no accident that you have watched as an ever increasing uncontrollable evil that has taken over most of mankind and how we are treating one another. Even the youngest of children are very much aware that this is taking place! Can you help the little ones know better an be able to come through the change from a physical body to the comfort of crossing the veil to be with those who have and do care from them with a celestial kindness. Yes, yes you can but I doubt you can control yourself well enough to understand anything except your own wanton preferences!

The morals of mankind can not understand why that are at war with the solar winds of changing of creation and the coming end of a planet now called Earth.

Like it or not - we are all caught up in a celestial tidal wave the is turning and will turn into what you already know, knew and just might have forgotten were it not born in your first ancestry of long ago.

The magnetic poles within the touch of your own body and your soul senses have been experiencing a slow but ever so powerful change. It is coming and it is called the SOLSTICE of yours and all mankind's souls.

The planet Earth of 19 years ago and its abilities to share with mankind are almost totally depleted! The forces of celestial gravitations have and are taking over as the Earth is about to reverse its own poles of magnetic forces.

What more can a Veiled Prophet explain to you when you can't or will not stop long enough to realize your souls destination will end up being on the wrong side of the VEIL! You have no time left to decide - now time is leaving you behind as by itself your soul will and is going to be left riding the winds of the Celestial Heavens with no place to stop and rest.